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Saturday Talking Points

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Quickie Talking Points this morning before I head out this Saturday. We hope to be back with a Final Four thread this evening.

Switch to 3-4 defense earns good reviews " GoVolsXtra
Sunseri's 3-4 defensive scheme gets positive reviews

Football notes: New Tennessee Vol impresses Prentiss Waggner
Prentiss Waggner didn’t take long to answer when asked if any of Tennessee’s new January enrollees had impressed him early in spring practice.

Tennessee Vols' Channing Fugate happier, healthier at linebacker
Nearly every aspect of Channing Fugate’s life is better than it ever was last year. Except one. Most of his clothes don’t fit. Such is life when you lose 40-plus pounds.

Derek Dooley's future with Tennessee Vols linked to Da'Rick Rogers' antics | The Tennessean |
Derek Dooley’s time with the Tennessee Vols may go hand in hand with Da’Rick Rogers’ future as a UT receiver. If Rogers goes, the coach may not be far behind.

Ed. -- Is it a coincidence that the news of the day features two of our lottery winners? I think not.