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Tennessee Bubble Watching Open Thread, Day 2

Here's your (fashionably late) bubble watching schedule for today:

  • UConn - 18-12 (8-10) - RPI 34 - vs DePaul, Tue 12:00 PM ET (their wins help our RPI though)
  • Dayton - 19-11 (9-7) - RPI 72 - vs George Washington, Tue 7:00 PM ET
  • St. Joseph's - 19-12 (9-7) - RPI 58 - vs Charlotte, Tue 7:00 PM ET
  • [Note by Joel Hollingsworth, 03/06/12 2:32 PM EST ] Update from Will, via the comment section:

    Seton Hall at 19-11 (8-10) with an RPI of 60. They play Providence tonight at 7:00 in the first round of the Big East Tournament, which is on ESPNU.

Apart from the UConn/DePaul game, which is almost over with UConn leading, I don't think these games are televised, so the watching will have to be done via gamecasts and the extra sensory perception channel.

And because RPIs are numbers and therefore complicated (who knew rooting could be so strenuous?), I'll leave the rooting decisions to y'all in the comments. So . . . bubbles?