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Talking Points on Mental Conditioning, Aggression, and Symmetry

Rucker's 1-on-1 with coach Dooley is good stuff and sheds some light on the apparent dissonance between Dooley's praise of kicker Michael Palardy and Palardy's spring stats, namely that there's a translation-from-practice-to-game problem that they're hoping can be resolved with some mental conditioning.

Based on an off-the-cuff remark from Rucker, it appears that there's also an article on the way featuring a comment from Dooley about his frustration that Wilcox's defense last year didn't make enough big plays despite otherwise solid statistics. According to Rucker -- and doesn't this sound good -- "Sounds like they will attack, attack, attack on defense and take the risks."

Sal Sunseri likes spring symmetry. Add to the growing file on the Mysterious Tennessee Defense of 2012 that the "free" and "strong" safeties might be morphing back into mere "left" and "right" safeties. Lots of talk of "mirroring" in that piece. Now we just need the smoke.

An ESPN article reminds us that Cuonzo Martin isn't the only guy on campus to have beaten cancer.

Etceteras . . . Don't sleep on Gregory Clark. . . . Prentiss Waggner's red jersey didn't slow him down this spring. . . . Former Alabama defensive lineman Darrington Sentimore didn't dominate immediately this spring as many had hoped, but there is still time. . . . Dooley acknowledges some grade troubles from the fall semester, but says that they've wrestled control of it in the spring. The winter honor roll, though, includes no footballers.