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DOOLEY 2012: The Campaign Wants You

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We're sending out the call to the RTT community today: we'll be running a DOOLEY 2012 summer series coming soon as we examine the head coach's quest for re-election, the major players and contributors in the campaign, and all the other factors we hope will keep us from having to talk about other candidates by October or November.

So, we're looking for a great DOOLEY 2012 campaign logo, and that's where you come in: we're opening up a photoshop contest for you to create the logo we'll use in a series of posts throughout the rest of the year. And it may even end up on a t-shirt thanks to Joel and the good folks at Gameday Depot. This site had a lot of success with the Team Pearl graphic last March, and we hope to do the same here.

You can create the logo from scratch or modify an existing campaign logo (because I'm not sure if you know this, but it's an election year). Like any campaign logo, it doesn't have to be overly complex. Just a couple of ground rules: no copyright infringement (no Power T's, etc.), and obviously, nothing that's going to require use of the Fulmerizer.

You can email your submissions to me at Or you can post them in the comments on this post for all of us to see and comment on. Our aim is to have a logo selected to start using by next week.

Good luck. Vote Dooley.