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DOOLEY 2012: Head Coach Approval Rating Poll


Again, a big round of applause to Trey for this excellent design; you can check out more of his work here, and get a Dooley 2012 t-shirt here.

If college football fans are ever rational creatures, mid-May is the time. Still more than 100 days away from the weekly roller coaster of fall, enough distance from National Signing Day to not assume all of our recruits will turn into beastuds, and about a month separating us from whatever good or bad happened in spring practice. These are the quiet days that will, thankfully, last only a few weeks longer, until preseason hype takes over and the countdown reaches numbers we can actually wrap our minds and our calendars around.

So it is now, at our assumed most rational, that we offer up an approval poll for Derek Dooley.

There's no recent news story to heavily influence your vote. While I think the majority of us, were we using letter grades, would still give Dooley an incomplete, I'm interested to see where this poll goes on May 14. The nature of asking the question here in late spring means you're more likely to weigh his entire body of work thus far, not whether we won or lost last week. I would speculate that those who give the head coach higher marks will also be those more likely to describe the situation he walked into in more severe terms, but that's for us to hash out in the comments. We'll come back to this poll again in the future, but let's have a go at it today and see where Vol Nation lands...