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Best Plays: Peyton Manning 96 Georgia vs Casey Clausen 03 Alabama

Peyton Manning 96 Georgia

This is Peyton Manning at his most absurd. First play of the fourth quarter, Vols up 22-10 and can put the game away with six points. It's third down, so if the sneak fails, the Vols kick a field goal and Georgia is still only down two possessions. So I'd wager many objects were thrown across living rooms throughout the state of Georgia when this happened. How many other quarterbacks could not only instinctively look to make a play in a situation like this, but actually pull it off so well? Manning directs Marcus Nash and then fires right to him for the score that ended the threat. His grin and "good call" conversation with Fulmer and Randy Sanders on the sideline are just icing on the cake.

Casey Clausen 03 Alabama

How did we make this look so easy? In the second overtime of what would've been the second straight loss to Alabama and the third straight loss overall, times were very stressful. Given the way regulation went and the way 2002 had gone, there was a real chance Randy Sanders might've left Tuscaloosa unemployed. But ice cold, no mistakes was once again the theme in a hostile environment. Casey Clausen buys enough time from what little pressure there was for C.J. Fayton to complete his route, and #7 finds him easily for a first down to keep an amazing football game alive. The Vols went on to win in five overtimes, and Tennessee made sure Alabama would have to wait a few more years to regain the edge on The Third Saturday in October.