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Best Plays Quarterfinals: Clint Stoerner 98 Arkansas vs Casey Clausen 03 Alabama

Our final Elite Eight matchup features two plays that barely made it out of the opening round: the Stumble & Fumble beat Dwayne Goodrich's INT in the Fiesta Bowl with 60% of the vote, much closer than all of our other first round matchups save one. That would be Clausen's 4th and 19 conversion in overtime at Alabama from 2003, which squeaked by Peyton Manning's sneak-fake-touchdown from the 1996 Georgia game with 51% of the vote.

I continue to be curious to see just how far the Stoerner play will go in this thing, as we continue to see just how iconic a man falling down can truly be. Clausen's play isn't as iconic, in large part due to the year it took place in, but it is the very definition of "we don't win without it", and the odds have rarely been higher under that set of circumstances.

Voting for all four quarterfinal matchups will remain open until midnight tonight. Who ya got?

Clint Stoerner 98 Arkansas

Casey Clausen 03 Alabama