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Best Plays Final Four: Manning/Kent 95 Bama vs Clint Stoerner 98 Arkansas

(If you were out for Memorial Day on Monday and missed our other semifinal, you can still vote here until Wednesday at midnight.)

Other than the two games against opponents from the state of Florida in 1998, these are Phillip Fulmer's two most memorable victories, and they are incredibly different. The Peyton Manning to Joey Kent play carries the weight of a decade, ten years of frustration all unleashed on the first play of the game. The Clint Stoerner play carries the weight of a championship, a season of celebration hanging in the balance, saved by Billy Ratliff and Stoerner's fumble. They both, perhaps more than any other plays in UT history, got you out of your seat at home or in the stadium quicker than any other. The Bama game was just getting started. The Arkansas game should've been over. And in both cases, Tennessee's favorite son and favorite team got the job done.

Who goes to the finals?

Peyton Manning & Joey Kent 95 Alabama

Clint Stoerner 98 Arkansas