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DOOLEY 2012: The Campaign Begins


Many thanks to all who entered our Dooley 2012 logo contest over the past week. We had a number of really good entries, but your winner is featured above. A big round of applause to _trey_ for designing the winning logo.

What is this campaign about, you ask?

  • Facing Adversity. If you want a man who's stared down ten Top 20 foes in his first two years, you want Derek Dooley. If you want success against those Top 20 foes...well, that's why we need another term. But no coach in America has faced more adversity in the last two years than our candidate. And in his next term, here's ready to turn opportunity from nowhere to now here.
  • Better Education. You want improvement? Last season, Tennessee didn't lose a game for having too many men on the field and didn't have to restart any games that were already over. The next step on the path of progress: improving a 1.9 GPA among scholarship players. Yes we can.
  • Style. It starts with shower discipline and ends with the hair. We need a leader with the confidence to wear the orange pants while walking the orange dog. Because if it's fourth-and-one for the National Championship every day, you need to dress the part.
  • Change. In seeking re-election, the campaign has completely revamped its staff. Most notably, the Secretary of Defense voluntarily took a demotion because he was not aggressive enough for this administration. Our new battle plan involves a 3-4 defense and, even better, no true freshmen in significant roles. It is unclear whether Press Secretary Barbara Dooley will return to her position this year; it remains crystal clear that the people demand it. But change is the one promise this campaign will make: either the product on the field will change, or the leadership responsible for it will. In fact, this candidate pledges to do what no administration has done before by winning the toughest battleground of them all: in 116 days, this campaign will take the Georgia Dome, or it will die trying.

Want to pledge your support for Derek Dooley in 2012? We've got you covered:

Two-Sided T-Shirt
Dooley 2012 T-Shirt 2-sided
One-Sided T-Shirt
Dooley 2012 T-Shirt 1-sided

That's right: you can support Dooley 2012 (and this fine website) on both sides of your person...or you can put it all on the front for $4 cheaper, because this campaign understands times are tough.

The campaign is just beginning. Follow Dooley 2012 right here at all summer as we continue to give you updates on the quest for change on the field to prevent change at the top.

Thank you. God bless Tennessee. And Vote Dooley.