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Best Plays: James Wilhoit 04 Florida vs Dan Williams 07 Kentucky

It's special teams madness in today's matchup in our Best Plays Bracket (1992-2011). Both would be impressive plays in any game, a 50 yard field goal and a blocked field goal that should've been ran back for a touchdown. But the magnitude of the moment has made both plays legendary. Both also stand as a look back at how far we've fallen: Wilhoit's field goal was the last time we've beaten Florida, and Dan Williams' block led the way to our last division title. If either play goes the other way, both seasons take a different turn that doesn't end up in Atlanta.

James Wilhoit 04 Florida

In what remains the best individual game I've ever seen in person, James Wilhoit changed everything about his legacy in the history of Tennessee Football in less than five minutes. In front of what remains the largest crowd to ever see a football game at Neyland Stadium, Wilhoit missed an extra point that would've tied it at 28-28 late in the fourth quarter. To lose that way against these guys would've been the ultimate in heartbreak and blame. But with the ball back with less than a minute to go, Erik Ainge completed two passes to give Wilhoit one more chance. Sitting in Z11, this ball came right at us, all of us talking to it like a long putt that maybe, just maybe, is going to find the hole. He would've been true from about 55.

Dan Williams 07 Kentucky

2004 Florida is the best game I've ever seen in person, but this one is also in the Top 5. The last truly meaningful win for the Tennessee program came at a time where, believe or not, the Vols always found a way to beat Kentucky. You'd have to ask them, but I'd wager of all the ways Tennessee beat Kentucky for more than two decades, this one probably hurt the most. I know it's the one Georgia fans like the least. This was a good Kentucky team with a great offense in a crazy game, two overtimes into a game that should've ended here...but didn't. A 35 yard field goal should've sent the Dawgs to Atlanta and Tennessee away from January 1 and into a dark offseason at 8-4...but it didn't. Dan Williams threw off two linemen to make this block, and when the ball eventually found its way to Eric Berry, the Vols should've scored a touchdown if not for a facemask penalty takedown that ended up costing UK nothing. But the Vols found their way a pair of overtimes later, as Kentucky would never be closer to a big win over the Vols than this moment...and UT, again, found a way.