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Vanderbilt is Vanderbilt, Unveils New Football Uniforms

Because making fun of Vanderbilt is the only thing we've got left. We'll have new material in fifty days.

It's not news that Vanderbilt has new football uniforms. That happens all the time. It's not even the way they look, which isn't bad, though aside from the white helmet option they're indistinguishable from their last 5129142 variations.

It's that Vanderbilt unveiled their new football uniforms at a Barnes & Noble (hat tip to Nashvillian and friend of the blog Rachel for the heads up). Because unveiling new football uniforms at a bookstore is the most Vanderbilt thing ever.

Though we don't share their Oregonian-without-the-winning flair for fashion, uniforms are always an off-season and in-season hot topic around Knoxville as well. So if VU unveils their uniforms at a bookstore, we have to ask what an appropriate response would be. It's hypothetical, of course: black jerseys headed west with Kiffin, UT's home orange jerseys are sacred and to change them would be blasphemous, and we all look forward to the day when orange pants are no longer synonymous with disaster. But if, for some reason, we were to make a change?