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Dooley Doesn't Dougie, but He Does Do a Dance

Y'all have been energized this offseason, so you can have music as a reward. Hit play and then read.

"I just said, 'Music doesn't energize you. You get music when you're energized.'"

That's Derek Dooley, telling reporters what he told players when they asked for music ten practices ago. Yesterday, they got it. Yes, there was rap. Yes, the players did the Dougie. Yes, Derek Dooley understood none of it.

But there was also this. This Change is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke. This, because it was Herman Lathers' ipod, and because if anyone knows how to persevere through tough times with a positive attitude, it's Lathers. This music doesn't necessarily energize, but it does certainly inspire. (And yes, there are alternate change scenarios on the horizon, but I'm getting behind Herman on this one.)

Dooley doesn't Dougie, but he does do his own kind of dance when he's asked repeated questions that he doesn't want to answer. He's not releasing the depth chart until Thursday, thank you very much, and the more you ask him about it before then, the edgier his dancing becomes. Byron Moore doesn't care, though, and has told reporters that he's likely a starter.

Now that fall camp is essentially over (the team starts game week preparations on Thursday after two days of rest), it appears that the offensive line is feeling really good about itself and its ability to succeed in the running game. We'll see, but that's an encouraging sign.

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