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The Rocky Top Talk Post-Week 2 / Pre-Week 3 SEC Discussion

So, we're about to get all Tennessee-Florida in here (and rightfully so). Before that, we thought it'd make some sense to cover the rest of the conference, resulting in the Google Hangout you see below. (Bonus: it isn't quite as long as the last one! And yes, I choose to split hairs.)

I have no clue why, of all the stuff I did over 40 minutes, that's the shot they used. How embarrassing. I'll try not to blink next time. Other notes and such below the jump, although there aren't a ton here.

  • Yes, I really had no idea I was muted for three or four minutes, but, as we learned last week, my keyboard is loud. So, while trying to avoid making it obvious I was searching for images to make fun of Kentucky with, I forgot about three points y'all never heard, which means they were the best points of all time.
  • I just realized I left some leftovers out the entire time this was being recorded. The Rocky Top Talk Hangout: So Important Food Will Go Bad.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how to actually put the stream up live as we're recording it; I know Will did it with his, but if anyone has any ideas, lemme know. Ideally, that'll help with scheduling since I'm still trying to figure out where this will go.
  • One of these days I will figure out the delay on the intro. (Seriously, Google said I was good for 5 seconds before I started talking. If Google lies to me, what can I trust in life?)