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Rocky Top Talk Week 4 BlogPoll / Hangout

Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

I have no idea why I look so smarmy on the video below, but I do, at least in that screen capture. Anyway, I_S and I got together to hash out the final BlogPoll for Rocky Top Talk this week. Curious as to how we got where we did in the rankings? Watch on to find out.

Yes, we are really proud of not ranking Virginia Tech last week, and yes, we are ranking Georgia Tech. Don't lose to Pitt. A couple of random broadcast notes below the jump.

  • This felt like the best use of Screenshare yet, but y'all let me know if I'm wrong about that.
  • I think - I hope - I finally figured out when this thing is supposed to go live.
  • The digression we have on Florida's offense and constraint theory was totally unexpected, but if you haven't heard of constraint theory, what they did running the ball (edges until Tennessee had to respond, then blasting right through the middle - which is what they do well) is a good example.
  • DON'T LOSE TO PITT. Can't state this enough.