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Linked Up: Varying Perspectives on the SEC

A quick look at a few posts around the SB Nation network about our beloved conference.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

What does the SEC think of the SEC? If you're like me and are often on the wrong side of time, you may miss Team Speed Kills' SEC Power Poll weekly round up post. And when I say "miss," that's exactly what I mean, because you are, in fact, missing out. The thing is not just a list of the SEC teams compiled by votes, but a sampling of the commentary offered up by the voters.

For instance, SBN Atlanta openly wonders what a Tennessee team that is "allowing nearly 400 yards a game" is going to do when Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina are the ones with the ball. On the surface, the intent to instill fear hits its mark. Oh, no! We're going to give up 3,000 yards to those teams! But honestly, NC State, Florida, and Akron's passing game aren't exactly pushovers, so it can't get that much worse, can it? Hey, at least, And the Valley Shook used Tennessee's victory over the Zips as an excuse to insult the Big Ten.

What does the rookie think of the SEC? SB Nation's and Rock M Nation's Bill Connelly recently took a road trip through 10 southern states in a single weekend and gave birth to a giant baby post upon returning. It's a very entertaining, well-written post, and there's a lot of interesting stuff in there, but it looks like poor Bill used himself up before he got to Knoxville. That and he obviously misses the point of Tennessee when he allocates 667 words to Memphis and 176 to Knoxville.

But what a trip that must have been. I've been an SEC fan since the mid-nineties, and I've never had the pleasure of doing something like that. Hit Oxford, Starkville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Athens, Columbia, Knoxville, and Nashville all in one trip? How many SEC towns have y'all been to?

What does Georgia think of Georgia? Kyle, who's going to be on our podcast this evening, is openly griping about the Bulldogs' 48-3 win over Vanderbilt this weekend because it "barely missed being historic." He's also attempting to strangle the notion that Georgia's schedule gives it an easier path to the SEC Championship game than South Carolina's. He's got a point about Arkansas not being what we thought they'd be, but I'm not too sure about the conclusion that LSU is not much tougher than Auburn because they only beat them by two points. Neither one of them gets Alabama, by the way, so . . . I'm not listening!