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The Google Hangout SEC Post-Week 1 Breakdown

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This is what happens when we're all sitting around watching SMU-Baylor on Sunday night. You'd be forgiven for not wanting to read through the 900-plus comments we put up on the games, so instead of that, we just all hopped on our computers and did this instead: We're still experimenting with the medium, but if you're the kind of person who can take 45-minute lunch breaks enjoys watching us talk about the rest of the SEC and my unhealthy affection for Gus Malzahn, well, here you go.

Some behind-the-scenes fun that will likely amuse only me is below the jump.

  • This was recorded on Sunday night, hence why I reference things happening today like they're in the future. It was also recorded approximately 1 second after I thought it was going to, so sorry about cutting off the intro.
  • Poor Will's computer. We're about 2 more of these away from doing a Kickstarter to get him a new laptop.
  • At one point, I totally forgot that since I was producing this, I control whose face is on. So, um, apologies to I_S for just leaving him on there for two minutes while I'm talking.
  • As it turns out, what's easy for me to see is completely impossible to see on screenshare. These are the things you don't figure out, so for future reference: Andre Ellington had 26 carries for 231 yards against Auburn. There.
  • It's a lot harder to throw up animated gifs to confuse the host when you are the host. This is also why Will needs a new laptop.
  • I fixed the lighting so it doesn't look like I'm talking from a bunker. Yay! But if you want to hear my keyboard going on and on, well, I have even better news for you. Now, if you don't want to hear that I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with that.
  • We're still looking for examples of good teams struggling with cupcake openers and it not mattering in the end, so help a brother (or brothers) out.