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What Tennessee Fans Should Watch and Record This Week

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There are no Top 25 matchups this week, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some interesting games from a Tennessee perspective. Hey, the SEC East could be interesting this year.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 8:00 ESPN
Utah at Utah State 8:00 ESPN2
Auburn at Mississippi State 12:00 ESPN
Georgia State at Tennessee 4:00 PPV
Florida at Texas A&M 3:30 ESPN
Georgia at Missouri 7:45 ESPN2

You will be forgiven for ignoring Thursday and Friday if you care nothing for Pitt-Cincy or the Utahs.

Hey, how did East Carolina-South Carolina end up on the SECN when Auburn-Mississippi State is on at the same time? Huh.

The big event of the day for Vols fans, of course, is our own game at 4:00, but it's sandwiched between two key SEC East games, the results of which are much more in doubt. The Gators and the Bulldogs both travel to the newest SEC away venues, and both may have their hands full. It should be interesting.

Who are y'all rooting for in those two SEC East games? On our podcast this week, Will mentioned that he thought we were all in agreement that we wanted Florida to win and to be feeling good going into our showdown next week. I can get on board with Florida winning, but something's chewing on the back of my mind.

As a general rule, I agree (1) that you want to beat opponents with good records, and (2) that underdogs or teams with something to prove can be dangerous. But (1) assumes a victory, and I'd rather maximize the odds of victory at this point (not at the expense of playing nothing but bad teams, but I'll gladly take a weaker-than-normal Florida at this point in our rebuild) than risk victory for the sake of increasing the value of the less-likely win. And regarding (2), Florida doesn't strike me as a good underdog, back to the wall team. They're more of a filled-with-jet-fuel-and-swagger team, and if they start going down, it's fast and hard. Basically, I wonder if they don't do adversity well. Do teams with nice-guy coaches do better in an underdog role than teams with taskmasters who get results but little loyalty? Speaking of, that's why I'm also way more on board with rooting for Georgia. You want them cocky, not backed into a corner protecting Mark Richt.

But those are my thoughts. What are yours?