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Recruiting In Review: Darrington Sentimore

RTT's look back at last year's recruiting class today focuses on defensive end Darrington Sentimore, whose brief UT career really should have given us more.

Happier Times For the Vols
Happier Times For the Vols
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Tennessee held off schools such as Texas A&M and Mississippi State -- as well as a re-recruitment from Alabama -- to get the former Crimson Tide player from JUCO.

He came in out-of-shape and struggled through the spring, but a light seemed to come on once players returned for the Fall semester. Even so, Sentimore's one season in Knoxville was about as inconsistent as you could imagine. He never consistently generated the pass-rushing ability Derek Dooley hoped he'd display, which was the ultimate reason for recruiting him in the first place. Though he did have a sack of A.J. McCarron against his former team, that was one of the few highlights of the season.

Sentimore finished with 18 total tackles (seven solo), five tackles for a loss and a team-high four sacks. He had two pass deflections and a fumble recovery. Even so, Sentimore wasn't happy with the coaching overhaul -- being a Sal Sunseri guy -- and though many thought he'd stick around for his senior year, Sentimore inexplicably declared for the NFL draft. It's a decision that appears on the surface to be a major mistake. There were rumors that Sentimore would have had to really have a marathon couple of semesters in the classroom to be eligible to play, anyway, and that MAY have played a role in the decision.

Needless to say, the Vols didn't get what they'd hoped for in Sentimore, and many were hoping he'd realize his massive potential in 2013. If that happens, it'll be on the next level.