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Tennessee Poised To Take Advantage Of Opportunities

With few good opportunities remaining on the schedule, the Vols men's basketball team needs to make the most of a chance at a good road win for the resume tomorrow night against Ole Miss.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The men's basketball team gets a great opportunity on Thursday night against Ole Miss to both avenge an earlier loss and to get an impressive road win. There are other opportunities on the horizon as well -- against Kentucky (assuming they get their act together, too) on February 16, against No. 8 Florida on February 26, and against No. 23 Missouri on March 9 -- but those games are all at home.

Can they get it done against the Rebels tomorrow night? Sure. Although they've yet to win a road game, they have been in them late, and they just need to learn to close it out. And Derek Reese and Armani Moore playing well has a few pleasant side effects, namely that they can help win games and that they can motivate the players ahead and formerly ahead of them on the rotation with fear of losing more minutes.

What does Cuonzo Martin think about all of this? Glad you asked: