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7 things to know about the Vols today

Don't have much time? Here's the most important stuff to know about Tennessee today.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
  1. The official announcement hasn't been made yet, but the Vols are going to play the Hokies at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016.

  2. Brentwood Academy 4-star defensive lineman Derek Barnett has committed to the Vols.

  3. Was the Georgia game a turning point for the Vols' offense? Not so fast, says offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian. "Again, it's a process," Bajakian said. "It's a process of becoming champions, and every day, every week we've improved. And we need to continue to improve. There's a lot of details and a lot of habits that we need to continue to work on that could have made the difference in that ballgame.

  4. The freshman QBs have been "game-ready for awhile." Whether it will be the case when they're actually in the game, we still don't know, says Bajakian.

  5. Tennessee ball carriers are taught not to reach for the pylon. Bajakian says that players are taught to "carry the ball into the end zone" and not to reach out with the ball no matter where they are on the field. It is hard to fault Pig Howard for the effort to win the game, though, and coach Jones's statements after the game seem to suggest he feels the same way despite the effort going against the teaching.

  6. Jacques Smith is apparently the coaching staff's poster boy for the need for consistency.

  7. Is Butch Jones wanting to redshirt junior Marcus Jackson? Phillip Fulmer did it with junior Travis Stephens, and that worked out well.