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RTTs Locks & Keys Week 7: Just The Locks, Baby

The keys for beating the bye week are overlooking it and watching other games. Or something.

The fates of Chris and Kidbourbon are in your hands, sir.
The fates of Chris and Kidbourbon are in your hands, sir.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee is on a bye, so there are no keys. Wait, you really want keys? I thought everybody was just here for the gambling advice (WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE BECAUSE IT'S ILLEGAL IN MANY PLACES AND WE'RE PERHAPS NOT THE BEST PICKERS IN THE WORLD ANYWAYS OR AT LEAST I'M NOT THIS YEAR). Okay, okay, the keys are to keep building in practice on all the good things that happened against Georgia (I'm looking at you, Worley. The rest of the offense too.) and to not get in any sort of mental funk after a heartbreaking loss. There. Those are the keys to the bye week. Happy now? Good. It's locks time.

Chris: Last Week 3-3, Overall 20-13-3

  • Texas Tech (-16.5) at Kansas - Good pick. But come on, man, Milos Raonic is terrible.
  • Clemson (-14) at Syracuse - This one wasn't even fair.
  • LSU (-9.5) at Mississippi State - I have a sneaking suspicion Mississippi State is backsliding through no direct fault of their own. I also have my doubts that Chavis won't go full Mustang on this game, but I'm willing to go in for a 10-point road victory.
  • Georgia (-10.5) at Tennessee - Bad negavol.
  • Illinois at Nebraska OVER 60 - Stop picking over/unders, dude.
  • Louisville (-32) at Temple - Louisville is overvalued.
KidB: 3-3 Last Week, 3-3 Last Week, 20-16 Overall

  • Georgia-10.5 over Tennessee: Bad negavol, Bad!.
  • FAU+5 over UAB: FAU is way way better at football than they used to be. They are now officially better than Milos Raonic.
  • Rice+3 over Tulsa: KidB's rap was awesome, and so was this pick.
  • UTEP+2 over Louisiana Tech: UTEP is not as good as KidB thought.
  • Ball State+5 over UVA: UVA can't score.
  • UCF-9 over Memphis: Memphis is playing with teams this year. So strange.

I_S: 2-4 Last Week, 16-20 Overall.

  • MTSU +7.5 over ECU. Half point winner. Good pick
  • Nevada +6 over SDSU. Lost by a point. It happens.
  • UNC +7 over Virginia Tech. Homer pick. Lost.
  • Rice +3 over Tulsa. This pick hit but was probably stolen from KidB.
  • North Texas -3 over Tulane. Tulane is a juggernaut.
  • Illinois/Nebraska over 60. Dude, please stop picking over/unders.

Chris Has No Idea What He's Doing

Northwestern +10 over Wisconsin. This line is moderately baffling, to put it mildly.

Baylor -17.5 over Kansas State. Baylor at whatever point spread? Yeah, sure. Ride 'til I die.

Oklahoma -13.5 over Texas. Texas may be bad at football. Just saying.

Tulane +9 over East Carolina. I'm not really sure Tulane is good, but they should be within a TD of ECU.

Boston College/Clemson over 62. Clemson scoring 56 should make this easy enough.

Maryland -7 over Virginia. I hate this pick and everything about it. Burn this week to the ground.

KidB's "Free Money" Picks

Maryland-7 over Virginia: The Kid enjoys picking against UVA.

Texas Tech-14 over Iowa State: Trust in The Fighting Kliff Kingsbury's.

Stanford-8 over Utah: I'm sorry, I didn't realize Utah was good at football. I could have sworn they weren't.

Georgia Tech+7 over BYU: I think the wrong team may be favored here.

Oregon-14 over Washington U: This is chalk, but I think it's good chalk.

Boise State-7 over Utah State: Utah State just isn't the same without CHUCKIE KEETON.

IS's "Milos Raonic Quality" Picks

Wisconsin -10 over Northwestern. Northwestern put everything into last week, while Wisconsin was sitting at home watching TV. I'll wager that will show this week in the Badgers overpowering Northwestern.

Utah +8 over Stanford. Utah seems to be a bit improved this year over last year. Not enough to be on the same level with Stanford, but I think they can keep this one close at elevation sandwiched between a couple marquee clashes for the Cardinal.

Oregon State/Washington State over 62.5. I know I'm supposed to stop picking these, but Oregon State's defense is built for overs, and I suspect Mike Leach will be able to take advantage.

BYU -7 over Georgia Tech. Has either team changed that much from BYU's 41-17 trouncing last year? And the game's in Provo this time.

UNLV -8.5 over Hawai'i. Hawai'i isn't very good. Nevada isn't very good, and Hawai'i lost to them by three touchdowns. I think they can manage to lose by double-digits in Vegas.

Boston College +24.5 over Clemson. BC has played Clemson within three touchdowns the last few years, and they did the same to Florida State recently. That's all they need to do here. This is also a game where Clemson may pack it in and save players for Florida State if they can jump out to an early lead. I like the 24.5.