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7 things to know about the Vols today

More on the Bristol Bowl, the band controversy, and Jarnell Stokes in this morning's Talking Points.

  1. Will, uniquely qualified to weigh in on the Vols-Hokies at BMS, hopes that three years will turn the contest into a "good old-fashioned feud . . . [b]ecause no one fights like family."
  2. Both head coach Butch Jones and athletic director Dave Hart will be at the Bristol Motor Speedway on Monday for some big announcement. I wonder what that could be about.
  3. RTT on the Gameday music/entertainment/marketing controversy. Actually, Will's just asking what you would change to improve the Gameday atmosphere.
  4. Wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni is encouraged that his guys are beginning to make up for mistakes with big plays.
  5. What's behind running back Rajion Neal's terrific season so far? Confidence.
  6. Basketball's right around the corner, and this article about Jarnell Stokes will get you fired up for tip off. Stokes was so good so early, that he'd never experienced the same motivation that made Michael Jordan Michael Jordan. That is, until Stokes asked the NBA for an evaluation. They gave him a list of Things Jarnell Stokes Can't Do, which Stokes has been spending the summer re-writing into a list of The Many Ways Jarnell Stokes is Going to Kick Your Butt.
  7. Hey, look. Kickers, holders, and snappers with a sense of humor: