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3 things to know about the Vols today

Tennessee says goodbye to two players, and questions about the offense and the return of one player to the basketball team.

Joe Robbins

  1. Junior wide receiver Vincent Dallas and sophomore offensive lineman Alan Posey have left the Tennessee football program. Word is that the players just want to transfer for an opportunity to have a bigger role with another team. I don't know much about Posey, but I thought Dallas looked pretty good when he was returning kicks in the absence of Devrin Young. Young may be back soon, but apparently freshman Malik Foreman has been getting most of the reps returning kicks now, and don't be surprised if he's the main guy against South Carolina next week.
  2. Can UT Vols' offense replicate second half against Georgia? That is indeed the question.
  3. What impact will having Jeronne Maymon back have on the basketball team this year? Again, that is indeed the question.