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RTT Pick 'Em Week 12 Standings & Trends

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How our community is feeling in this week's action.

Jim Rogash

The trends are going up a day early as a reminder that we're picking the Wednesday night game this week with 9-1 Ball State at #15 and 9-0 Northern Illinois.  It starts at 8:00 PM ET tonight on ESPN2, so be sure to get your picks in before then!

A few quick trends at the midpoint of the week:

  • 91.1% are taking Northern Illinois to hold serve at home and continue its BCS dream tonight.
  • 87% are believers in Auburn after last week, taking the Tigers at home over Georgia.
  • Close calls this week:  62.5% take Michigan on the road at Northwestern, and that's about it.  The next closest action right now is Miami at Duke, with 77.1% taking the Hurricanes on the road.  84% like Michigan State at Nebraska and Oklahoma State at Texas.
  • Remember, we're still picking Thursday (Georgia Tech at Clemson) and Friday (Washington at UCLA) action as well.