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RTT Pick 'Em Week 13 Standings & Trends

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With Northern Illinois once again in action on Wednesday and BCS implications on the line the picks are due a day early again, so be sure to get yours in before the 8:00 PM ET kickoff tonight. Check out the standings for our season-long picks contest here. We've got two weeks plus the championship games left, then we'll have a separate contest for all the bowl games as usual.

Here are this week's early returns from our community:

  • 88.3% like Northern Illinois to stay undefeated and win at 7-3 Toledo tonight.
  • Not as many landslides this week; 79.4% take the Irish over BYU, 60% like UCLA at home over Arizona State with Pac 12 divisional implications, 56% like Houston to upend Butch Jones' former team.
  • Almost even: Penn State holds a 51.2% lead on Nebraska, and Michigan and Iowa are split right down the middle.
  • In the SEC: 60% like LSU at home over Texas A&M, and a whopping 95% take Missouri on the road at Ole Miss. And it's good to see the numbers turn back in our favor finally: 82.9% take Tennessee at home over Vanderbilt. Both UT and Vandy average 8.6 confidence points among those who chose them.
  • We've got a new season leader for most confident pick: Ohio State is getting 97.6% of the vote against Indiana at an average of 19 confidence points.