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Tennessee Volunteers Monday Press Conference Cliff's Notes: Coach Speak Edition

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On motivation and progress.

Kyle Rivas

If you were wondering how Butch Jones would respond to a tough loss, the answer is "with a lot of coach speak."

  • [On why Tennessee lost]: It comes down to 4-6 plays. You take a touchdown off the board, you fail to convert a 3rd and 1, you fail to stop a 3rd and long. Red zone efficiency was a problem.
  • [On Kentucky]: They're talented, fast, and will challenge us on the perimeter and with a running quarterback. Their defensive front is big, strong, and physical. We'll have to prove we can win on the road.
  • [On motivation]: I use the seniors and the leadership to help motivate. But if you're a competitor, you want to compete every week, and this is another opportunity. For the seniors, it's their last game. For the young guys, it's a chance to put their resume on film.
  • [On quarterbacks]: Dobbs will start. [Ed.: This was about the only forceful answer Jones gave all press conference. He does not want Peterman in the game.] He showed his age Saturday and rushed his progressions, but that's the maturation process of a young QB. Receivers need to help him out, don't fall down on a curl, come downhill on the scramble. But Dobbs needs to learn to throw it away. [Ed.: At this point Jones pointedly does not answer a question about whether the play-calling was too conservative.]
  • [On Marquez North]: He's day-to-day. Losing him shows our lack of depth, which can only be fixed in recruiting. We don't have the depth to overcome his loss right now, but we'll get it.
  • [On how we judge this season]: It's not on wins and losses but whether we laid our foundation. We've done that. People who haven't played don't understand the laying foundation part, but we have it laid. Our players know what to do and the standards we expect. They'll know that when spring starts, and they'll be able to teach our mid-term enrollees. [CoachSpeakTranslator: "Judge this season on what only I can see and you can't."]
  • [On a comparison between this and the 2010 Cincinnati team]: There are some similarities but more differences. We'll go through adversity together and have high hopes for the future. Our attitude and willingness has been great, but we'll need veteran leaders like Curt Maggitt to step up. [CoachSpeakTranslator: I'm going to ignore that question and say the things I wanted to say anyway.]
There was also discussion of Daniel Hood, the running backs, what to be thankful for, and what has gone wrong since the USC game (I'm actually not sure that last one was really the question because the answer was so minimal, but I think it was). If you want more on those, check out the comments here.