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Vols-Tigers 2nd-half thread

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Because hey, you know. Snap and clear.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

I'm so confused by this game. I expected to be saying by this time that Auburn was running all over us and why oh why couldn't we just stop them. And sure, there's some of that.

But we actually could be hanging with them if it was just that. Maybe. But there's that nasty punt and kick coverage stuff happening where our punter has to keep making tackles. And another guy in blue muffing a punt but picking it up and running to the end zone anyway. And our offensive line not learning from multiple false starts last week and just hitting REPEAT and then throwing a little "hey, let's all not block our guys on the same play so our freshman quarterback can run for his life on third down won't that be funny" stuff.

And then we throw in a pick six of our own. I'm so confused. It just feels like if we could just stop being dopey we might could do something.

So snap and clear, y'all. Maybe there's a game to be had.