Michael Dyer and Isaiah Crowell

Sitting at Calhoun's on the River last night listening to Butch Jones in his first in person Vol Calls appearance, I heard Bent Hubbs pose the question of if this year's recruiting class was finished, or if the coaching staff would look to add more players. Coach Jones said that they were continuing to recruit players for this class, but I didn't think too much about it. Then I got home and read this article from the guys at

To me, the most interesting prospects listed are Michael Dyer, formerly of Auburn, and Isaiah Crowell, formerly of Georgia. Both were five star guys, both were monsters their freshman year, and both were run out of town due to trouble with the law. However, either one could come to Tennessee and probably start immediately, or at least make a huge impact. They could fill at least some of the void left in the play making department by the departure of Paterson, Hunter, and Bray.

So I thought I would pose the question to the RockyTopTalk community. Are these guys worth the risk? What are the trade-offs between on-field production and potential locker room turmoil?

In my opinion, I see this as a low-risk, high reward opportunity. IF one or both would be interested and IF we have the scholarships available I say go for it. Put them on a short leash and if trouble appears let them go, and we're back to square one with nothing gained and nothing lost. These guys know this would probably be their last chance at playing major college football, so it would be reasonable to believe they would be on their best behavior. Again, not sure if there is even any mutual interest, but it is an interesting idea. So tell me, what do you folks think?

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