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Where has your Tennessee orange been?

Sound the alarm: Tennessee Orange has breached the Great Wall.

That picture up there is me proudly displaying the Tennessee orange on the Great Wall of China earlier this afternoon. It was kind of cold and very steep, and I'm going to pay dearly for it all tomorrow.

Anyway, that's what I was doing while y'all were sleeping (and preparing for the trip over here to adopt a child is most of what has been distracting me from blogging regularly the past couple of months). So I figured I'd just go ahead and post this and then ask you if you had any pictures of yourself wearing Tennessee orange in places far, far away from Home Sweet Home.

If you do, find them and post them here. Let's see what sort of reach we have at RTT. What's the furthest away from Knoxville you've been while wearing your Tennessee stuff? And don't mind me if I don't respond in the comments because a 13 hours time difference means I'm going to sleep when you're waking up. Or at least hoping to.