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QB Riley Ferguson Officially a Tennessee Volunteer

Riley Ferguson's fax is in. An offer sheet that includes Alabama and LSU? We like that.

Brad's capsule on Ferguson:


Chose UT over: Alabama, Clemson, Louisville, LSU

RATINGS: 247 three stars; Rivals three stars; Scout three stars; ESPN four stars

QUICK LOOK: Ferguson had a pretty rough year, getting injured twice. Still, he earned an invitation to the prestigious Elite 11 camp where he still participated and showed his leadership abilities even with a wrapped thumb. The signal-caller had early offers from many of the top teams in the country, but he waited later to pull the trigger, and that's how he slipped to UT. Ferguson is pretty much a straight dropback passer, but he does possess the ability to tuck and run if the pocket collapses. All he's done at Butler is win state championships, so the Vols are getting a winner.