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RTT Podcast: Bracketology

The RockyTopTalk podcast returns to talk bubbles, brackets...and yeah, probably big recruits.


We're back on the podcast tonight with SB Nation bracketologist Chris Dobbertean, who runs the always excellent Blogging The Bracket. We always like to have him on this time of year, and it's now twice in a row we're pleasantly surprised to see him. Another 8-1 finish for the Vols puts Tennessee back on the bubble headed to the SEC Tournament for the second year in a row, and obviously hoping for a better result than last year's one-and-done. We'll talk with Chris about the Vols' resume, what it will take to dance, and how the rest of the SEC shapes up.

And since we're working with good football news for a change, we'll probably talk a little recruiting at the tail end.

We're live tonight at 9:00 PM ET, and same rules apply as always:

You can listen live by clicking the sometimes magic orange widget below. Or you can wait, download it later, and listen to it in your car on the way to work tomorrow.