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Announcing the RTT 2013 NCAA Bracket Challenge

Yeah, it's a huge bummer that the Vols didn't quite make it into the Tournament for the second year in a row, but that doesn't mean we can't still have some fun with the bracket, right?


As we do every year here at RTT, we're having an RTT Bracket Challenge for the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Don't be disturbed by the Group Name ("Rocky Top Talk 2012") -- that 2012 refers to the year the group was created, and Yahoo doesn't allow us to change the name. We're using the same group this time around so we could send invites to the huge numbers of folks who played last year.

This is a public group, so anyone can join. Please pass invitations around to friends and share them via your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We're setting the group up with the standard default Yahoo! scoring, and we're going to allow only two brackets per participant. Why? Well, more than one so that we can still be interested after the first one flames out, but no more than two to keep folks from winning (or even dominating the conversation) on sheer volume. We're going to be posting the results as the tournament progresses, and we don't want to end up talking about the vagaries of the 80 different brackets one guy filled out. So you have to enter your best two brackets in this one. You can still enter as many other brackets in other groups on as many other platforms as you want. And feel free to talk about them here, but the official game among us at RTT will be at Yahoo! and will force you to enter the two brackets you feel best about.

So go here. Join the group. Enter two of your brackets into the group. Pass the word. Then watch and hope.

Good luck.