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It's not too late to join the RTT Bracket Challenge (and another, too!)

Enter the RTT Bracket Challenge and, while you're at it, enter the same bracket in the Gameday Depot Bracket Challenge and earn points that convert into merchandise.


If you haven't yet joined the RTT Bracket Challenge for the 2013 NCAA Tournament, you can still do so by clicking the link and submitting your bracket. There are currently 86 entries in the pool.

Also, my store is giving away a ton of Rewards Points with its own Gameday Depot Bracket Challenge. (Rewards Points convert into $10 store credits at every 100-point threshold.) You get 10 points just for submitting a bracket, 80 points for being in the top 16 after the 1st weekend, 200 points for being in the top 4 after the 2nd weekend, and 500 points for winning the whole thing. You can also get free and easy points just for liking and sharing this Facebook post about the contest. Note that in order to use Rewards Points, you'll need a Rewards account, so we'll sign you up for one when you play. But hey, for now it's a smaller group, so it's easier to win. And next year, when Butch Jones goes 14-0, you'll have some free money toward that national championship t-shirt!

So (1) don't forget to enter the RTT Bracket Challenge, and (2) do me a favor and enter the Gameday Depot Bracket Challenge as well. You can enter the same bracket into both pools. Thanks!