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Talking Points: Butch Jones wants you to focus

Tennessee Volunteer head coach Butch Jones is testing the concentration skills of his players by amplifying irritating noises at practice. Surprisingly, Urban Meyer's press conferences weren't on the playlist.

Yes, this picture again, although it really seems to fit this morning.
Yes, this picture again, although it really seems to fit this morning.
Jonathan Ernst

So Butch Jones is apparently making a lot of noise at practice. Har har. Har. Yes, every article in all of the major outlets this morning attempts to set the aural stage by listing the sounds Jones was pumping through the sound system at practice: car alarms, crying babies, buzzing bees, jets taking off. Well, the old school media do that because they haven't yet figured out how to use YouTube. I'm here to help with something much more annoying to accompany your reading of the rest of this Talking Points post:

So yeah, Jones was making noise in an attempt to test the players' respective abilities to block out distractions. Which reminds me, I need to call the distributor today. She tried to call the store, but I wasn't there, and so my folks took a message and sent it through our project management platform, and then I returned the call via cell, but . . .

Oops. Hey, Jones has now watched the video of Saturday's scrimmage, and the verdict is the same: The defense clobbered the offense. More disturbing are the details, including the fact that the defense is just a few months removed from being the most historically bad defense in the history of the school. And also the fact that our senior laden offensive line apparently struggled with pass protection and consistently opening up holes for the running backs, likely because, as Jones says, they "play exceptionally high," which, like, Mr. Hand, I'm just learning about Cuba and having some food. That pizza didn't look like double cheese and sausage. No better ingredients, better pizza, there, dude. Did I ever get my freebie from the Super Bowl? Need to check. Sooo hungry.

Ahem. The QB battle between Justin Worley and Nathan Peterman may extend well into September, says John Adams, because the only other QBs they remind you of are each other. Peterman reminds me of Seinfeld, though, and for some reason, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. "This is Norm Peterman," which, I know, it's Peterson. I think. That Ferris is a righteous dude. But Cameron stole the show with the scene trying to decide whether he was . . .

. . . Alex Bullard is versatile. And A.J. Johnson says the goal this year for the defense is to keep first down efficiency under three yards 80% of the time. Anyone care to look up what first down efficiency was last year? Because I have a feeling I'm going to spend the next three hours trying to get this song out of my head. I am not responsible for what happens to you if you click on that link.

Jones, by the way, says he's just getting started with the whole noise thing, and he doesn't seem interested in the old school crowd noise and fight song routine. No, he likes annoying noises. And he's all about fan buy in, so let's help him out.

What annoying noises would you add to Jones's mix tape? Here are a couple to get you started: