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Alas, SBN's new editable comments can't fix everything

It's nice to be able to take back what you've said over the past 90 seconds, but I really need something to change what I said six years ago.

Leon Halip

With SB Nation rolling out editable comments this week, there's been a lot of talk about that 90-second window of opportunity that you have to retract or fix a comment you just published. Frankly, I need that period to be about six years because I've said some really stupid stuff on this site over the past 72 months.

To wit:

I said before the 2008 season that the Vols finally looked ready to run, and one of the 5 reasons cited to justify such an outrageous proposition was "the Incredible Flipping O-Line." Heh. I'm going to play myself in the movie Wrong and Wronger.

Speaking of the Clawfense, I didn't just ignore the warning signs of the Incredible Flipping O-Line, I ignored all of the warning signs, shrugged my shoulders, and figured that the coaching staff would know better than to give the players more complexity than they could handle. Not so much.

I made the mistake of thinking that the 2008 Season of Constant Sorrow was limited to a single season. That was back when it was still funny.

I criticized Arian Foster for his pterodactyl interview, saying it was poor timing, when in retrospect, it is in fact hilarious. In fact, I was generally way too hard on Foster and didn't appreciate him like I wish I would have.

I advocated for Mike Leach to replace Phillip Fulmer and was as smitten as a schoolgirl for Jon Gruden to replace Derek Dooley. Thank goodness I didn't have time to advocate for somebody between Kiffin and Dooley. (The Gruden thing is not necessarily an egregious error except that it didn't allow for any other possibility, which wasn't fair to Butch Jones.)

I once said that Lane Kiffin was setting up shop in Urban Meyer's head. Lane Kiffin doesn't set up shop anywhere. He only has tents and sleeping bags.

I ranked the players in our 2009 class thusly: #3 Bryce Brown, #2 Janzen Jackson, #1 Darren Myles, Jr. Those were some kickin' Flash animated profiles, though. Woe, what has Time robbed of us?!

Well, that's just a few things I might be tempted to edit out of history if our window was six years instead of 90 seconds, and that's just what I wrote on the front page. I can't imagine the hilarity I would find if I trolled through old comment sections.

But I'm guessing I'm not the only one. What's some of the dumbest stuff you've said on this site over the past several years?