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Do you want Tyler Bray on your NFL team?

As the page turns for our former gunslinger, after watching Tyler Bray play for your favorite college team, would you want him on your favorite pro team?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There are questions about every prospect whose name will be called this weekend. There are no sure things. But there are questions, and then there are questions, and for Tyler Bray it is the second kind - harder to define, much harder to answer - that will be attached to his name whenever it's called in the NFL Draft.

SB Nation lists Bray as the fifth best quarterback in the draft (via Mocking The Draft). Almost no one has Bray going in the first round (or before Cordarrelle Patterson or Justin Hunter for that matter). And yet, as the Ballad of Tim Tebow taught us, there are 32 teams in this league, and it only takes one to think you're the man. I think someone is going to pull the trigger on young Mr. Bray sooner than the experts think.

No one knows these questions about Bray better than those under the banner of Tennessee Football. And so for us, having just spent three years with #8 as our guy...would you want him to be the guy for your NFL team?

We all know Bray's physical tools are equal or superior to any other prospect. We know he can make all the throws. We also know the frustrations: it's more than just "can't win the big one", because with our defense last year I'm not sure Joe Montana could've won the big one. It's mental preparation, leadership questions, taking it as serious as is necessary for most to succeed in the NFL.

I want Tyler Bray to succeed in the NFL. I think and hope we all do. Peyton Manning is the only quarterback we have with any positive history on Sunday afternoons, and as fans tend to cheer for VFLs around here I know there are many Manning fans who could transition to Bray fans once Peyton finally hangs it up.

But would you want your team to draft him?

I'm sure many fans don't want their team to draft Da'Rick Rogers. I'm sure many fans didn't want their team to draft Arian Foster four years ago (which was good since no one did). But while Foster, last seen on the ones and twos at Neyland Stadium over the weekend, is moving just behind Manning in our hearts on Sunday, he was also projected much lower in the draft to begin with. Bray will be a higher dollar risk, and given the recent success of rookie QBs, a team without an entrenched starter could certainly take an early gamble on him.

Would you want your team to take that gamble? Five months removed from Bray's last game as our quarterback, would you want to see him continue in that role in the NFL? I feel like this question helps us understand Bray's ultimate place and legacy at Tennessee, good, bad, and all of the above. And however the votes fall here, I hope he finds great success in the next chapter of his career.