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Best Vol Team Quarterfinals: 1998 vs 1972

The National Champions face Condredge Holloway...

Chad Clifton doubles up on rings
Chad Clifton doubles up on rings
Kevin C. Cox

The '98 Vols easily dispatched the 2003 Vols in the first round, and now face Condredge Holloway's 1972 squad in the quarterfinals. Holloway's appeal was enough to move the '72 Vols past Heath Shuler and the '93 Vols in the first round, but they're obviously in for a steeper challenge here. All quarterfinal polls end at 11:59 PM Wednesday night.


13-0, SEC Champions, National Champions - Final AP Rank #1

You know these guys. The Vols were preseason #10 before taking down Donovan McNabb's Syracuse squad, ending #2 Florida's five year reign of terror, then overcame the loss of Jamal Lewis to destroy an undefeated Georgia team in Athens. The Vols then won their fourth straight over Alabama before surviving against an undefeated Arkansas team 28-24. Tennessee beat Mississippi State in the SEC Championship Game, then won it all against Florida State in the first ever BCS National Championship.

QB: Tee Martin

RB: Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry, Travis Stephens, Shawn Bryson

WR: Peerless Price, Jermaine Copeland, Cedrick Wilson

OL: Spencer Riley, Chad Clifton, Cosey Coleman, Reggie Coleman, Mercedes Hamilton

DL: Shaun Ellis, Darwin Walker, Billy Ratliff, Corey Terry

LB: Al Wilson, Raynoch Thompson, Eric Westmoreland

DB: Dwayne Goodrich, Steve Johnson, Deon Grant, Fred White

1972 - 10-2, Final AP Rank #8

Holloway's most successful team played the first ever night game at Neyland Stadium in September, as the #7 Vols beat #6 Penn State 28-21. The only blemishes on the record came from the state of Alabama: a 10-6 loss to Auburn, and a 17-10 loss to #3 Alabama. While Holloway was emerging as a sophomore star, the defense was outstanding, allowing just nine total points in UT's last four regular season games and 100 total points on the season. Eight total players were drafted from this team, Holloway would earn All-SEC honors the following year and join Emendorfer and Conrad Graham on that list.

QB: Condredge Holloway

RB: Haskel Stanback, Steve Chancey, Jimmy Young

WR: Emmon Love, Sonny Leach

OL: Gene Killian, Gaylon Hill, Tom Johnson, Bill Emendorfer, David Shaffer

DL: Ken Lambert, Robert Pulliam, John Wagster, Carl Johnson

LB: Art Reynolds, Eddie Wilson, Jamie Rotella

DB: Conrad Graham, David Allen, Tim Townes, Eddie Brown