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Talking Points: The calm before the calm edition

Spring is over and summer is on the horizon, and here are the bits and pieces to help you make it through.


Just a few quick things this morning:

  • Tyler Bray's father Jeff said that watching the NFL Draft with Tyler was "brutal." Apparently, the phone wouldn't stop ringing for two hours after it was over, though.
  • VolQuest has another feature on Tennessee offensive coordinator Mike Bajakian, this one focusing on his 24/7 open door policy for his players. He still has leadership on the mind, as that particular topic seems to permeate everything he talks about. Stealthy covert messages to his players through the media, perhaps?
  • The TFP has a breakdown of each SEC team's spring. Spoiler alert: Alabama's going to be good. And did you know that Auburn had over 83,000 at its spring game? Anyone else concerned about Gus Malzahn taking the reins there?
  • Last call for the 2013 RTT Design Contest before we put it up to a vote tomorrow. If you have an idea or an actual design, let's have it.
  • Will will be along shortly with the next matchup in the Best Teams bracket, and we're expecting a recruiting announcement sometime today, so check back often. Thanks for reading.