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100 Days of Vols #69 - Peyton Manning's Fake Sneak

Just like they drew it up.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This might not be the best individual play in the history of Tennessee Football, but it may be the most unique. The Vols led 22-10 at Georgia going to the fourth quarter in 1996, facing a third and one at Georgia's five yard line. If you don't convert, a field goal still keeps the game at two possessions. So Phillip Fulmer and David Cutcliffe decide to keep it simple and just sneak it. But Peyton Manning doesn't do simple very well.

If you keep watching the video after the play, you can hear Manning talking on the sideline about renaming the play "fake sneak, Marcus get open". Manning's presence of mind on this play - as well as that of the entire offense - turned the average into the exceptional, and buried Georgia for the fifth year in a row. It had to be demoralizing to be a Georgia Bulldog after this one. I like Ron Franklin's continued, bewildered expression of, "Good heavens." Sounds about right.