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Rocky Top Tennessee 2013 Uncut!

Yes, literally uncut. This year's edition of the RTT magazine has been proofed and hits the presses Monday and the streets on Tuesday, July 16. No, you don't need Jordan McRae's wingspan to hold it in your hands.

First off, thanks to everyone who earlier pledged to the Kickstarter project. Y'all are our favorites. The project didn't fund, but we kept hustling and found a way to get Rocky Top Tennessee back onto the newsstands this year after a one-year hiatus. The price is also back down to the original of $12.99 rather than last year's $19.99.

Those pictures up there are the proofs I received from the printer yesterday and sent back to them today. I've never actually gotten an uncut proof, and it sorta freaked me out. While the idea of putting a billboard-sized compilation of oddly-ordered pages on the shelves is novel, I'm guessing it doesn't work too well.

Anyway, the annual goes to press Monday and should be on the shelves all over the major cities in East Tennessee mid-July. We'll make it available for pre-order in a couple of weeks, but for right now, you may be wondering whether you should wait and why you shouldn't just go ahead and get one of those other publications. We'll just give you the info and let you decide for yourselves:

Rocky Top Tennessee Lindy's Athlon Football Time
Pages 112 232 216 128
Pages with ads 0 22 24 55.5
Actual pages of content 112 210 192 72.5
Remaining Pages of Non-Vols Content 0 209 186 2
Pages of Actual Vols Content 112 1 6 70.5
% of stuff you care about 100.00% 0.43% 2.78% 55.08%

We won't be publishing any significant portion of the content of the magazine here -- it will only be available in the magazine -- but we will leave you with an image of the back cover.