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New Tennessee Football Uniforms for 2013

Nevermind all that recruiting and on-the-field stuff, we know this is what you're really excited about.


Butch Jones, he of the number one recruiting class in America, and he of the grace given to first year head coaches, is so popular in the Volunteer State right now he could probably dress the Vols in pink and black and fans could start talking themselves into it within the hour.

The changes he's actually making to Tennessee's uniforms are much more subtle, and I don't think you'll have much trouble talking yourself into these either.

According to a report from VolQuest, which includes quotes from the head man himself, the Vols will have three small but significant changes to the uniforms this year:

1. An outline of the state of Tennessee on the back of both the home and road uniforms, placed just above the player's names

2. A script "TENNESSEE" on the front of the road jersey, above the numerals

3. A faint checkerboard design in the numerals on the road jerseys

There are currently no pictures of these changes, though I'd expect a big media to-do at some point. I personally am eager to see how the script Tennessee looks on the front of the road jerseys, because that's something we've never done and this could escalate quickly into a conversation about fonts. But I love the idea of the checkerboard design on the numerals - the checkerboard is one of the most distinctly UT images out there, and adding it to the uniforms in small doses is a great move. These changes also don't play too much with the iconic and beloved home unis; I think we're all going to be okay with the state above the names.

Everybody loves a good uniform conversation - what are your thoughts on these additions?