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Rocky Top Tennessee 2013 available on newsstands, going fast online

If you live outside of East Tennessee and want a copy of our preseason magazine that is nothing but the Vols and completely advertising-free, you'd better hurry.

We've sent out a ton of copies of Rocky Top Tennessee 2013 already, along with a bunch of RTT t-shirts for those of you who pre-ordered the magazine/tee bundle.

If you haven't bought your copy yet, there's still time, but you might want to hurry, especially if you live outside of East Tennessee.

If you live in the more populated areas of East Tennessee, you should be able to find a copy at the following stores at the approximate following times:

  • Books-a-Million and Barnes and Noble -- already on the newsstands;
  • Grocery stores, drug stores, etc. -- available either now or in the next day or two;
  • Wal-Mart -- available next Thursday, 8/1

If you're not in East Tennessee, the only way for you to get them is online at Gameday Depot, and at last count we only had a bit over 100 copies left. So hurry and get yours today.