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Tennessee Alternate Uniforms Released

Smokey (the color) is coming to Neyland


Tennessee will introduce a new alternate football uniform this season, and VolQuest has obtained a picture of the new threads set to be released this afternoon. They have indicated that the new uniforms will be worn for an SEC home game this season, most likely against Georgia.

Butch Jones has obviously paid much more than lip service to Tennessee tradition, and I respect the effort to balance tradition with something that will excite players and recruits. It's a tricky proposition, but using one of the three official colors of the university--the only one not already being used in Vols uniforms--is probably the best way to effect that balance (with the possible exception of a 1920s throwback).

As far as how it looks? I was pleasantly surprised, after the disaster that was most of Nike's gray alternates. I like it. Many will complain about keeping the white helmet, but I'm concerned that a dark helmet would just be too much. The white keeps everything from being too monochromatic. Of course, we'll have to see them in action, but the debut is promising.

If everything goes as planned, they will be officially released at 3:00 this afternoon. In the interim, we can talk about them here. What do you think?

UPDATE: We now have a release video from adidas.