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100 Days of Vols #10 - Don't Get Married on Fall Saturdays

Chances are if you're reading here, you don't need me to tell you.

The most exciting thing that happened two Saturdays ago is I got married.  The second most exciting thing that happened two Saturdays ago was this cake, made by my new sister-in-law, complete with my boy Casey Clausen on an edible jumbotron.

No one, including me, wanted to cut it, because come on.  It even has sprinkles for the visiting section, which in hindsight is the piece I should've cut first.

When my bride and I first started talking about getting married back in the spring, I'll admit it:  I already had the open dates in my brain, and immediately put them on the table.  Because it's more than common decency in the South, it's in our DNA:  don't get married on football Saturdays.  We happily decided we didn't want to wait until mid-November and tied the knot on August 10, still three weeks clear of kickoff.

I have skipped a cousin's wedding to go to what turned into the six overtime Arkansas game, turned down ceremonies of acquaintances that fell on big game dates, and was always fearful during my six years as a pastor in Virginia of weddings planned around Virginia Tech's open dates and not Tennessee's (Thankfully the only casualty there was the 2008 Northern Illinois game).  You just don't do it.

Anyone else have or seen any UT-themed wedding stuff or any stories about fall weddings?