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100 Days of Vols #2 - Checkerboard

Our end zones > your end zones

Joe Robbins

All of the SEC's best programs have a number of traditions that set them apart from the rest of college football. We've celebrated 99 of the things that make Tennessee Football great and will finish our summer celebration tomorrow. So many things stand out about Tennessee, from the color orange to our fight song. But I would also argue the Vols have a more distinct end zone than anyone in college football.

After making their debut in the 1960s, Johnny Majors and the Vols brought the checkerboards back in 1989. It's no wonder Tennessee went from 5-6 to 11-1, kicking off the program's golden era.

The other 13 SEC schools have an end zone that tells you the name of their team, as does most of college football. But we don't need that around here. The checkerboard speaks for itself, and it is distinctly Tennessee.

I've thought for years the Vols should use it more in their branding, in light touches, and this year we're finally seeing it as the Vols add a faint checkerboard design to their road numerals. I'd love to see a thin checkerboard stripe down the side of the pants or a checkerboard belt. You don't want to go overboard with it, but it's ours, and should be celebrated much the same way we celebrate when the Vols reach the end zone.

We're all biased here, of course, but I'd put our fight song, our unique color, and our end zones up against anyone in college football. It's all part of what makes Tennessee Football special - we've got one more day to celebrate, and then the real thing is upon us.

Go Vols.