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RTT Picks Contest Update

Kickoff approaches - get your picks in now

Mike Zarrilli

Our football picks pool at Fun Office Pools is now open with more than 100 entries again this season.  You still have time to sign up - it's absolutely free to play.  You can go to the FOP website at the link above and search for the "RockyTopTalk 2013" group.  There are fancy new drag and drop menus for this year to use confidence points.

With kickoff approaching, here are a few trends for this week's action:

  • In tonight's action, 95% like South Carolina over North Carolina, while 74% like Ole Miss on the road at Vanderbilt.
  • More people like Alabama over Virginia Tech (as in all of them, 100%) than Tennessee over Austin Peay, with the Govs currently getting 2% of the vote.
  • Close calls this week:  70% like Kentucky over Western Kentucky, a surprising 87% take LSU over TCU, a surprising 74% take Georgia on the road at Clemson (SEC!  SEC!), and 60% take Boise over the Fightin' Wilcoxes of Washington.
  • Most confident pick of the week:  a tie between the Vols and USC at Hawaii, both drawing an average of 18.0 confidence points.  Least confident pick of the week:  the aforementioned Georgia/Clemson battle, with the Dawgs getting just 4.5 on average despite 74% taking them to win, and Clemson just 5.0 from those who like the home team.
Any questions about the process, leave them in the comments.  Good luck!