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Tennessee-Austin Peay Guessing Game

The RTT Guessing Game Returns, and it's packing embarrassment for all.

Andy Lyons

Gameday Eve woo to you and yours. And the arrival of Gameday Eve means the return of the RTT Guessing Game. For those of you new to the site, this is just a friendly little contest that asks you (usually) three questions about the upcoming game. Answer correctly, and you get points that are absolutely good for nothing except that they can be exchanged for bragging rights.

THIS IS IN ALL CAPS WHICH MEANS THAT YOU REALLY SHOULD READ IT: You have to fill out the form for you answers to count. Not using the form means that your answers won't be tabulated. Also, before you submit your answers, you should copy them and put them in the comments below so that we can all ridicule each other when we turn out to be oh so wrong. Because that's half the fun.

So go to the form and fill it out, and don't forget to copy your answers before hitting the submit button and to come back here to paste them in the comments. Here are mine:

If you've played before, choose your RTT screen name from the list below. If this is your first time playing, choose "NEW PARTICIPANT." Joel Hollingsworth
How many sacks does UT get against Austin Peay? 1
Which QB goes in first after Justin Worley? (Neither A.J. Johnson, nor any non-true QB counts.) Nathan Peterman
How many true QBs take at least one snap? (Again, neither A.J. Johnson, nor any non-true QB count.) 3

Good luck and Go Vols!