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How the Vols' future opponents did this week

I Know What You Did Last Week: A quick look at how Tennessee's remaining opponents performed this past weekend.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

@Oregon Ducks (2-0, 0-0 Pac-12, #2)

  • Week 1: Beat the Nicholls Colonels 66-3.
  • Week 2: Won at Viginia, 59-10.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: THE SAME. I honestly haven't seen much more than a few plays of either of the Ducks' games, but those scores look pretty much the same as they did before Chip Kelly left. We should be able to make more of a game of it than either the Colonels or the Cavaliers, but you know. Loss, and our best outcome is probably to come home with our heads held high. Expect talk of moral victories, and expect me to trot out Rocky as an example of why it's sometimes okay to feel good about your effort in a loss.

@Florida Gators (1-1, 0-0 SEC, #20)

  • Week 1: Beat Toledo, 24-6.
  • Week 2: Lost to Miami, 21-16.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: WARY. Florida should rename the red zone the self-mutilation zone after multiple turnovers right when it counted, and they apparently otherwise outplayed Miami. I've picked the Vols to beat the Gators the last two years and been wrong, but I can also feel that same feeling creeping up on me, and I don't know if I can fight it off. Give me one more week of seeing them and seeing us and get back to me. Loss, but a good opportunity for an upset.

South Alabama Jaguars (1-1, 0-0 Sun Belt, NR)

  • Week 1: Lost to the Southern Utah Thunderbirds, 22-21.
  • Week 2: Won at Tulane, 41-39.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: BETTER. It's early, but the evidence we have right now is that this team will beat teams it is supposed to beat. Win.

Georgia Bulldogs (1-1, 1-0 SEC, #10)

  • Week 1: Lost at Clemson, 38-35.
  • Week 2: Beat South Carolina, 41-30.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: THE SAME, but only because my "same" with Georgia is that I never trust them to do what I think they will do, whatever that might be. It's always a crap shoot with them, and this year, that's good news for us. This is one of our two best opportunities for an upset. Loss, but who the heck knows?

South Carolina (1-1, 0-1 SEC, #14)

  • Week 1: Beat North Carolina, 27-10.
  • Week 2: Lost at Georgia, 41-30.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: THE SAME, which is to say that this remains our best opportunity for an upset. Which means that we won't be favored to win and that we shouldn't really expect to win, but that we should expect to have a very good chance to win. Which means I'm really, really looking forward to this game. Loss, but possible upset.

Alabama Crimson Tide (1-0, 0-0 SEC, #1)

  • Week 1: Roasted the Hokies, 35-10.
  • Week 2: Decided that they needed a break after one game. Or decided that they wanted to stockpile arms and diagram particularly mischievious and devious methods of embarrassment for that Johnny Football guy.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: A LITTLE BETTER, but only because the Alabama guy who works for me feels bad about his offense and his offensive line. And "better" is a relative term, meaning that we still lose, but maybe it will be better this year.

@Missouri Tigers (2-0, 0-0 SEC, NR)

  • Week 1: Beat the Murray St. Racers (zoom!), 58-14.
  • Week 2: Beat Toledo (poor Toledo), 38-23.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: THE SAME. If memory serves, we have this down as a win in the magazine, and nothing's happened to change my mind on that.

Auburn Tigers (2-0, 0-0 SEC, NR)

  • Week 1: Beat Washington State, 31-24.
  • Week 2: Beat the Arkansas State Red Wolves, 38-9.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: THE SAME. I'm going to be wary of Gus Malzahn for some time, but so far, I'm still thinking this is a win.

Vanderbilt Commodores (1-1, 0-1 SEC, NR)

  • Week 1: Lost to Ole Miss, 39-35.
  • Week 2: Beat Austin-Peay, 38-3.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: THE SAME. Win.

@Kentucky Wildcats (1-1, 0-0 SEC, NR)

  • Week 1: Lost to Western Kentucky, 35-26.
  • Week 2: Beat Miami of Ohio, 41-7.
  • Joel feels __________ about this game this week: THE SAME. Win.

Conclusion after Week Two

Not much changes for me this week. Still predicting 7-5 with losses to Oregon, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Opponent Preseason Prediction Revised Prediction Result
Austin-Peay W W W
Western Ky. W W W
Oregon L L
Florida L L
South Alabama W W
Georgia L L
South Carolina L L
Alabama L L
Missouri W W
Auburn W W
Vanderbilt W W
Kentucky W W
Record 7-5 7-5