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Vols Monday Press Conference Cliff's Notes

In case you missed it, here are the highlights.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As always, you can read the full live blog in the comments here. But here are the highlights of Monday's football press conference.

  • That performance remains unacceptable. Losing is a habit, and so is winning. Losing is an unacceptable habit.
  • We're still collecting information on Trevarris Saulsberry, but we're anticipating he'll be out for 3-6 weeks. We have no information on Maurice Couch, but this will present an extreme challenge in the interior of the defense. Some players will have the opportunity to step up, and true freshman Jason Carr will have plenty of reps in practice and will need to be ready to play against Florida. While both Couch and Saulsberry were on the second-team, Saulsberry has improved more than anybody on the line this year and will be a huge loss.
  • Butch Jones fielded a lot of questions about the quarterbacks and spent a lot of time praising Justin Worley's touchdown pass to Jason Croom. He said Worley anticipated and made an aggressive and confident throw, and it worked. Anticipation is what separates the good QBs from the great ones, and Worley has a tendency to wait for a receiver to come open before throwing--he needs to anticipate better, like he did on the TD pass. And we need more big plays (if you've read the last two weeks, this is a theme). Some of it is on the receivers, but we need more out of the passing game. Justin is also capable of getting four yards on the ground when he needs to, he just needs experience on recognizing his opportunities. He has the luxury of pulling the ball on the zone reads if he sees an opportunity. QB, as always, is an open competition, and if Josh Dobbs running the zone read gives us the best chance to win, we'll play Josh Dobbs running the zone read. Dobbs and Ferguson will get their chances in practice, and if they take advantage, they'll get reps.
  • Mental conditioning needs to be our calling card, and it was a weakness against Oregon. We need more improvement there than anywhere else. EYE DISCIPLINE! But our team is prideful and ready to work to get better.
  • Team speed on defense is a problem, and team speed on special teams is even more of a problem. We can't do a lot to fix our speed other than recruit, but we have some 4.5 guys who don't play like 4.5 guys. We need to get right mentally to allow our guys to play up to the speed that they have.
  • UF's defense is really, really ridiculously good. It's going to be a huge challenge. (We knew that).
  • Dontavis Sapp, Pig Howard, and Johnathon Johnson are expected back this week.
The press conference was a lot of stuff that we probably could've anticipated. Honestly, better news than I expected on the injury front. And Jones really had to address the quarterback situation, since the criticisms of Worley are getting louder every week. Whether we'll actually see Dobbs or Ferguson this week is an open question, but Jones insists that they'll get the opportunity if they run the offense well in practice.