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Tennessee's Future Quarterback Revealed Via RTT Coachspeak Translator

We here at RTT have acquired a coachspeak-to-English translator, which we'll be applying to Coach Jones' post Oregon press conference to get a more clear insight on the quarterback situation gong forward.


While none of us here at Rocky Top Talk are fluent in Coachspeak, we have recently acquired a technologically advanced device that will render our lack of multilingualism a non-issue. Yes, the RTT BabelButch Translation Device is fully functional and in our possession. We'll use it to translate Coach Jones' press conference and find out what he REALLY said about our current QB situation and who we might see behind center in the near future.

Well, first of all it's been challenging at the quarterback position just because we haven't had any big splash plays. I'd like to see Justin (Worley) settle in a little bit more and a little more aggressive. I thought the play that he had on the touchdown pass to Jason Croom, I thought he stepped back, he was assertive, he set his feet, he demanded command in the pocket, and he was confident and he threw the ball over there and he was accurate.

Justin threw one accurate pass during the Oregon game. It was the short out to Jason Croom. The one where he took a step back and then cro-hopped into his throwing motion. Croom was ten, maybe twelve, feet in front of him, but hey he got it there. And it was accurate. You know, that once.

We need him to attack more, but just like any position in our program, it's open. Whatever quarterback has the best week of practice is going to be the starter for Tennessee when we play Florida. If that means a freshman quarterback, that means a freshman quarterback. We'll have more quarterback run in to our package this week. We just need to find ways to generate big explosive plays and if that's Josh Dobbs running the read option or Riley Ferguson, that's what we'll do to create big plays. That's going to be our focus and preparation this week.

We think that Dobbs or possibly Ferguson might be able to get us a seven yard gain running the read option. And that's actually one more yard than Worley is able to throw a forward pass, which increases our explosiveness -- hold on, what's seven divided by six? -- by, ummm, !6%. Which is almost a 20% increase. Not too shabby when ya think about it.

We may open it up and give more repetitions. Obviously we have to prepare the guys that are going to play in the game.

We have to prepare the guys that are actually going to be playing the game. Which is why the quarterbacks not named Justin Worley will be getting the repetitions in practice. Duh.

When I am talking about a gun-slinger, I am not talking about a gun-slinger.

I don't actually want our quarterback a firearm towards our receivers. I just want him to have the ability to take a shot downfield. And did I mention that arm-strength is not Justin Worley's strong point?

Throwing him open, understanding that if the reception point is at 12-yards, that is where that ball is going. I think a number of times what Justin has done, he has waited for the receiver to become open and then he is throwing the football. Anticipatory skills in the quarterback, that is what separates a great quarterback and throwing him open. You look at the touchdown pass to Jason, he got back, he was aggressive, he trusted what he saw and he threw him open.

I just want to reiterate that Justin did make one good throw against Oregon.

I guess that is more on me, define what I am looking for, that is more what I am looking for. What we are looking for as a staff, what we are looking for in our quarterbacks. Aggressiveness and kind of that arrogance, every great quarterback has that. They have that `it' factor.

Man I wish Tyler hadn't gone pro. He loved going deeeeep. That guy was a straight-up gunslinger, man.

We would like to great plays with their legs a little bit. That is why you are going to see the open competition with Dobbs and Ferguson more this week. We are trying to find ways to make plays.

Dobbs has wheels. Ferguson has better wheels than Peterman and Worley, by Dobbs has wheeeeels, which is why I keep mentioning him first. What'd you think, I was going in alphabetical order? Nah man, Dobbs is homeboy. And he should be your homeboy too.

He has the luxury to call [a zone read]. You saw it in the first three games. He may not be a home run hitter where he is going to get you 50 or 60 yards. But if he is going to get your four yards. Four yards in our book is an efficient run. Four plus four plus four is 12 which is a first down. We are just looking for our quarterbacks to just be efficient enough in the run. You look at last year in the Cincinnati offense. He was a drop back passer but he was able to create plays with his legs down the stretch and that helped us to win a championship. We still want a high vision guy who can see when the protection breaks down and the pocket collapses, a high-vision guy in the scramble drill. But if it is not there, just get us four or five.

Not only did Muncie have a fantastic name, but he could scramble and pick up first downs for us, which is something I still want in my offense. Now Josh Dobbs isn't nearly as cool a name as Munchie Legeaux, but Dobbs is way closer to Munchie in the scrambling for first downs department than Worley or Peterman. And did I mention that scrambling for first downs is how you win championships. Draw your own conclusions.